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He moans softly as I stroke his steel hard rod a couple of times. I only stroke him for a second or two. We both know that a hand job is not what either of us came here for. I bend my face down toward his crotch and inhale his musky manly scent as I place my tongue to the tip of his manhood and taste his drop of precum.

He moans deep in his throat as he feels my pursed lips slide over the fat head of his cock. My lips are locked tightly around his shaft, but my jaws are open wide as his fat cock fills my mouth to capacity. In a steady downward motion I can feel the ridges of his cock shaft running across my tight lips, and his spongy head rubbing along the roof of my mouth as I engulf his hot throbbing velvet covered shaft into my wet hungry mouth. I stop only when I feel his meat missile lodged in my gulping throat and his pubic hairs rubbing my face.

I keep my face buried in his hair for a second or two, savoring the taste and feel of his thick sausage filling my eager mouth. Inhaling the deep musky smell of his balls. I place my right hand under his ball sac and gently message his cum makers, as I begin my ritual of up and down motion on his pulsing meat. He places his right hand on the back of my head. He's not gripping or pushing.

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His hand is just laying there, riding with the steady up and down motion of my bobbing head. His hips are raising off of the seat to meet my lips each time I engulf him in my sucking mouth. He's moaning deep in his throat, and muttering something in Spanish. I don't know what he's saying, and I don't really care as long as he keeps feeding me his fat delicious meat. I'm not sure who's enjoying this more, me or him.

After a few minutes of me pumping my hot wet mouth steadily up and down on his thick meaty spear. His hips begin to thrust upward more urgently. As I continually rub his balls I can feel them churning.

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Beginning to heat up the pearly white testicle juice that is to be my reward. His hand is pushing slightly on the back of my head. He's saying something in Spanish. Although the words are foreign to me, the meaning is not. I interpret them to say something to the effect of, "I'm going to cum! You're going to make me cum! Slamming my face into his pubic hairs! Shoving his fat cock head into my gulping throat. Urgently trying to milk the cum from his balls! I can feel his balls begin to tighten!

His cock grows fatter in my urgently sucking mouth! I can feel the large vein along the bottom of his shaft begin it's pumping action! His entire cock is pulsing harder!

Erotic Stories : Cruising for Cock - Part 1 - A Gay Sex

Suddenly his grip tightens on my head and his hips are pushing upward and starting to spasm! He shouts, "Aaiiee," as I feel the familiar warm sensation of his volcanic eruption into my sucking mouth! His sperm is scalding hot as it shoots into my hungry mouth. Ricocheting off of the roof of my mouth and landing on my tongue.

I don't have time to savor the taste as he continues to shoot spurt after spurt in powerful blasts. My throat constricts madly as I swallow every volley from his meat cannon. As his climax begins to subside, his grip on my head loosens. His hips slacken as he sits back down on the seat.

I continue to use my mouth to milk the last of his sperm onto my tongue. His cock slips out of my still pursed lips with an audible "pop" as I swirl the last of his testicle nectar around in my mouth. Finally tasting the tangy sweetness of it. As he pulls up his pants and begins to button and zip up, he looks over at me with a smile on his face and says, "Gracious, MI amigo.

Hell, I should be thanking you! THIS is what I came out here for! Hector drops me off where he picked me up. My Day Out A fortunate encounter in a public place. Junction Ch.

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The Pickup A married man goes to a gay bar for sex. Fun at a Rest Area Man gets taken at a rest area. A Forest Gangbang A man learns what it feels like to be fucked.

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I was a Cocksucker Finally, fantasy becomes reality. Lunch by the Lake Man submits to curiosity and find his submissive side. Boilerhouse Steam Room Fun in the sauna's steam room. Bookstore Ch. Then Ch. Rest Area Man experiences his first cock at a rest stop.

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      The Black Rose Ecstasy Ch. Teen's First Time year-old guy cruises downtown. I told him "you wanna to bet? He let out a little giggle and I took his soft cock in my mouth again and gently licked it for a few minutes until it got hard again. As always when going down on a man almost immediately after he cums, he took a long time to start throbbing again. This was fine with me as I craved the feel of him in my mouth.

      After what seemed like 10 seconds, but was probably 15 minutes or so, he unloaded a second mouthful of cum into my mouth which I happily swallowed. He stayed for a while longer while we cuddled in bed and kissed. As I was deep in the closet, I didn't get his name or number and he then left.

      Cruising for Cock - Part 1

      It took me about a year or so until I found him and I met him in a city about miles away. Regrettably, though I was lucky enough to make love him that night, I lost contact with him. If there is anything to love at first sight, this was it for me. I know the chance of him seeing this is about zero, but I will say, CALVIN, I fell for you the second I saw you and I so regret that we haven't spent the past years together, falling asleep in each other's arms every night, with the last thing we say to each other is "I love you".

      And Calvin, I am so sorry I let the most wonderful man on the planet get away. I really am in love with you. Subscribe 1. Published by reesielover. Gay Male Interracial Sex. Leave a comment Comments 5. Story URL: Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. My first time with another gay guy First Time Gay Male I guess my first time having gay sex came a lot later than most.

      follow url First time at Aarows Gay sex club Gay Male I had been searching craigslist and a couple other sites just to meet up with someone and have some light fun Show all. I film my wife fucking a younger man for the first time.